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Stew Skomra has over 25 years experience in market-driven system solutions in the wireless, mobile and networked computing space.  At The Morey Corporation, his background is helping Morey to gain a deeper understanding of customers needs to both innovate within markets and create markets through innovation.  He has led global market and product development for Fortune 500 companies with extensive multi-national Global 2000 customer exposure.

Stew has led efforts in customer-focused, market-based platform product & services planning and development spanning industries including: Healthcare, Education, Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail and Wholesale Distribution, Finance and Insurance. He has startup and early-stage technology company experience with roles including:  business plan creation and strategic partnership formation in addition to his core market and product development expertise.​

Talk: Leaping-over-Leap-Frogging - The Quantum Enterprise Thesis

The West is held hostage by constructs and abstractions that, at one time, were essential for creating collaborative industry. Information Technology, with roots in time-proven models (e.g. double-entry bookkeeping, planned obsolescence, hierarchical organizations to expand span-of-control, etc.), could be inhibiting and not facilitating advancement (contrary to popular belief).

As emerging economies move beyond subsistence to individual industry (i.e. an individual's diligence directed to a purpose), technologies are enabling these economies to skip a significant portion of 19th and 20th Century Western Industrialization. Technologies and techniques that emerging economies embrace are likely to be what the West may consider to be "not good enough". However, what is not good enough in the West is "just good enough" (in the spirit of a down-market disruptive innovation) for the emerging economies.

Micro-Financed, down-market innovations could work as tectonic movements causing a tsunami of exponential improvements in advancement of life-quality. This could set a stage for value innovation in the emerging economies. Advancement of Information Technologies by focusing on the return of the view of "industry" as "an individual's activity directed to some purpose" is likely to gain standing in these emerging economies.

What does the rise of the ‘Quantum Enterprise’ mean for the planet. and how might ‘developed economies’ respond?